PECTRA BPM Suite, recognized once again as the best Latin America solution

The company, that has already been granted the highest award for the last four years, has now received a new gold medal under the category South and Central America.

HOUSTON, NovemberPECTRA Technology, Inc., an American company specializing in Process Management, feels proud to announce that it has been awarded the prize for the fifth time for one of its implementations in the Global Awards for Excellence in BPM & Workflow.

Every year, Future Strategies Inc., with the support of Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC), BPM Focus and, gives awards to the best implementations in five regions: Europe, Asian-Pacific, Middle East, Africa, South and Central America, and North America. These prestigious institutions are the most respected authorities in the BPM field.

This time, PECTRA Technology Inc. has presented an implementation developed for its customer QUALA S.A. (Colombia). QUALA S.A. is a multinational company dedicated to the production and commercialization of consumer goods. It is also one of the 100 largest companies in Colombia and the consumer goods company that has grown the most in the last 25 years.

The solution adopted by QUALA S.A. was PECTRA BPM Suite and it involved 304 users from administrative and operating sectors in more than 23 processes. After the implementation, the company highlighted its main achievements, namely: standardizing the way processes are carried out to guarantee an efficient result which is aligned with the company’s policies; having enough and suitable historical information; and cutting back on expenses and money reclassifications as a result of inappropriate process execution.

“This new recognition of our new BPM solution positions us as a sound company with a strong presence in the market”, highlighted Juan Chacon, PECTRA Technology, Inc. Marketing Manager. “The job done for QUALA S.A. not only had as a goal to attain an optimal implementation at a technological level but also to contribute to better our client’s business areas bringing life to the procedures of the company through the active participation of the people in each area, and ensuring a standard way of doing things”, he added.

David Moreno, QUALA S.A. IT Manager, asserted, “The implementation of the PECTRA Technology’s BPM platform has been very beneficial for our company, and our employees realized that PECTRA BPM Suite is the best way to carry out our processes in an organized manner which guarantees quality, control, and continuity.”

The winners in each region were selected by a board of judges formed by a representative of each one of the companies sponsoring this award. On the day of the ceremony, November 24th, each region received a gold or silver award, acknowledging those companies which contributed to the achievement of their client’s strategic business goals through the implementation of a BPM platform.

Layna Fischer, Director of the Awards, highlighted the strength of the participants especially those whose BPM implementations and Workflow went beyond the corporative borders. “We have received a record number of high quality participants from the North American region. The trend that persists in the whole world is the increase of successful integrations and multiple systems.”

About the Awards “Global Awards for Excellence in BPM & Workflow”
These are the most prestigious awards in the BPM industry. They enjoy special standing within the technology industry, being recognition for excellence in implementing innovative solutions that enable organizations to achieve strategic business objectives. The awards are organized by BPM Focus, an organization formed by the Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC) and Object Management Group (OMG). The three are the most recognized BPM organizations in the world, with years of solid track record, honoring each year the best solutions implemented in the regions of Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East-Africa, South and Central America, and North America.
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About PECTRA Technology, Inc.
PECTRA Technology, Inc., a member of Grupo Prominente, is a company specializing in providing solutions to key problems in organization management. Its technological applications automate business processes and the most critical tasks, providing optimal levels of operational effectiveness. Composed by a team of IT specialists and management experts; PECTRA Technology is based in Houston, USA, and has offices in Argentina.

QUALA S.A. is a multinational corporation dedicated to the production and marketing of consumer goods which, thanks to its talented people, has become one of the major consumer goods companies in the region, operating in Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Venezuela. QUALA S.A. is among Colombia’s 100 largest businesses, and constitutes the consumer goods company experiencing the highest growth over the past 25 years. It has currently grown to become Colombia’s third best workplace.

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